The Consultant Geologist Charlotta Lüthje has 20 years´ experience from the industry working as operator, explorer, field developer, researcher and consultant. The focus area has been the entire Northern Atlantic with special interest in the West of Shetlands, Danish North Sea, Norwegian Sea, and Svalbard. Lotta has a PhD in geology/sedimentology from high Arctic Svalbard and is an experienced field geologist.

The geological competence stretches from detailed field and well data interpretation, stratigraphy, diageneses and correlations, to comprehensive paleogeographic reconstructions and complete Play risk evaluation. 

Data analysis

·         Sedimentological facies analysis

·         Miscellaneous geological data interpretation

·         Core logging

·         Field and well data (wireline and core data) interpretation and correlation

·         Stratigraphic interpretation and correlations (bio-, lith-, chemo-, sequence)

·         Geological interpretation of seismic data and seismic mapping

·         Field work, data gathering and interpretation

·         GIS data analysis and map creation

·         Data mining and database organisation

Complex investigations and evaluations

·         Depositional setting and environmental development model building

·         Spatial interpretation including construction of paleo-geographic reconstructions

·         Structural understanding

·         Play risk evaluation (reservoir, retention, charge and trap models)

·         Complex dynamic 4D modelling

·         Geological input to reservoir models

·         Diagenetic implication evaluations

·         Volume calculations

·         Prospect risking

·         Peer review and validation of geological interpretations

·         Geological reports and presentations


Lotta is also experienced in task and team leads and can offer services in work-organisation and task lead for both field based and regional project. She has worked with modern project management (PMI) for a long. No task is too complex to be organised. She uses her management skills in all her work whether analytical or organisational. 

Organisation and management

·         Project management and task lead

·         Mentoring and coaching

·         Data management and building knowledge databases

·         Data standardisation and procedures

·         GIS database design, organisation and management


The Consultant Geophysicist has more than 15 years´ experience from the industry and academia both from operators, service companies as well as industry requested R&D work within northern Europe. He has hands-on knowledge from projects within exploration and production as well as consultancy projects mainly in the Danish and Norwegian sector. He has also worked in academia with climate change and have a PhD from the high Arctic in remote sensing and physical computational modelling.

Geophysical competences include well knowledgeable understanding of natural science and engineering. He uses this with his ability to thinks analytically, innovatively and creatively to solve geophysical challenges both within traditional oil & gas industry as well as within CCS and geothermal.

·         Modelling of geophysical tasks

·         Seismic interpretation including seismic and rock physics modelling

·         4D seismic analysis

·         Pressure and fracture prediction

·         Basin modelling studies

·         Production optimization and reservoir characterization

·         Well planning

He has a background as specialist, team lead and manager. His strength is within problem solving of complex geophysical tasks, where multiple factors must be accounted for. He has a good ability to learn new areas and very competent in system understanding. He can therefore, split difficult and complex questions into smaller understandable pieces, which can be solved individually.