Consultant Services

Geological services include everything from detailed raw data interpretation, to construction of depositional models, diagenetic history, as well as development of large scale regional geological reconstructions. Our work procedure is to make integration of all data into dynamic delicate models of the nature. Building geological models of depositional environments are always considered in three dimensional distributions as well as development through time.

Geophysical services include seismic interpretation, specialised physical modelling and reservoir characterization based on 4D seismic. Physical modelling includes seismic and rock physics, pressure and fracture prediction. We have long term involvement in well planning and production optimization but also expertise with CO2 storage and geothermal production optimisation.

Organisational services include knowledge specialist task lead and project management, as well as data organisation. We are well experienced in organising both teams and tasks, and use traditional project management method as well as coaching, and microtask by monotask methods. We have lengthy experience of long distance team work, project and task management using online communication tools on daily basis. We also offer data management, including data mining, organisation and raw data analysis.

Database services includes database organisation and management as well as standardisation of procedures. We have experience in designing and running GIS databases (ArcGIS, MapInfo) and building large knowledge databases of both geological and geophysical data. This work comprised also data mining, standardisation, organisation and raw data analysis. We have also further been involved in standardisations of procedures for data management.  

Reports and delivery can be designed in the format of best use for your company. This could be a document report, database, maps, Petrel model, or any other media, of your choice. We offer always a thorough presentation of the result for fast implementation for future use or peer review on your behalf. Implementation is part of the reporting.