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Charlotta J. Lüthje

PhD geology/sedimentology

Project management

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Mikael Lüthje

PhD geophysics

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Who is Lotta?

I am Scandinavian, originally from Sweden, educated in Norway and live in Denmark. I left for Svalbard and geology in 1995, and have thereby many years of field experience from the high Arctic. After working in oil industry in Denmark and UK for some years I went back to academia and completed my PhD in 2008. The last year of the PhD I was working full time within oil industry in Stavanger. In 2008 I moved to Denmark with my husband and we got our two boys in 2009 and 2010. Since 2009, I have worked remotely from Denmark for UK.

Apart from being knowledge expert in geology, I am an organiser as well as analyst. Project management comes naturally to me. My skills as data analyser and interpreter are being used at its best on complex dynamic systems with integration of multiple data sets.

I am dedicated and responsible in work as in life. I do not give up until I have succeeded in the task I take on. Nevertheless, I am honest in commitments and I keep deadlines.